treat(s) of the month: April

A freshly baked collection of ✨whatever✨ we found inspirational, meaningful, or simply interesting this month.

Istvan Szilagyi (CEO) 

had no fear of missing out

For the first time in years, I wasn’t able to join the opening of the Biennale Arte in Venice, and I was surprised by my lack of FOMO! No matter how early you arrive or how hard you try, it’s impossible to see it all, especially during the opening weekend. I’m looking forward to exploring the exhibitions on my own terms this summer, and I’m relieved to find myself not stressing out about it.

Images of Venice

Hanna Choi (Chief Operations)

has been inspired to laugh and self-reflect by two new TV series

You might know Take Waititi from his movie “Jojo Rabbit” or his involvement in “The Mandalorian” or “Thor” but he first got on the scene with “What we do in the Shadows”, which I highly recommend as well; it is in this strain of work that his latest series, “Our flag means death” falls, and it provided me with some gleeful evenings. Think gay pirates that can’t see blood, let’s just leave it at that for now…

On a completely different note, “Pachinko” is another new series that resonated with me for more personal reasons, as it showcases the e/immigration story of a Korean family, jumping between timelines and countries, touching on multiple topics which are still all relevant today and does so in a beautiful cinematic style as well.

Images of a projector, Apple TV, and a movie theatre

Marie-Claire Gagnon (Chief Copy)
went to the first iteration of DISHES

In the past two years, the spaces that are otherwise available for the coming together, exchange and collaboration of different (music) scenes have been open only sporadically. DISHES (curated by Therese Kaiser, Chris Attila Izsák and Marlene Kager) attempts to breathe life back into contemporary and experimental approaches to organising in Vienna. In early April, the first edition took place at the Rote Bar inside Volkstheater Wien and presented a progressive line-up with positions from different European scenes. I loved the live show by Alpha Maid, a guitarist and producer from South East London who crafts compositions from lo-fi grunge and glitch electronics. 

Anna Schimmerl (Chief Projects)
took a trip to Ireland 

My treat of the month has to be the trip to Dublin for me. I especially enjoyed the nature outside of the city with the great combination of the hills, the beautiful green fields and especially the sea. But I have to admit, Guinness will probably not be my new favourite beer. 😬
My favourite place in Ireland was Howth, a small town next to the sea, with great hiking routes and awesome scenery, as you can see in the pictures! 🌊

Images of a gull, a hill, a coast

Yves-Michele Saß (Director Art + Knowledge) 

watched the most boring video ever made

We have come a long way in terms of engaging tutorials. By the way: you can encounter some unexpected darkness at the 59:10-minute mark. Thank you, Kirsten Denny and the YouTube comment section for pointing this out.