treat(s) of the month: February

A freshly baked collection of ✨whatever✨ we found inspirational, meaningful, or simply interesting this month.

Istvan Szilagyi (CEO) 

recommends this blog article about the Hungarian government

An interesting outline on challenging the juridical legislation created to protect the Orban government to keep its powers, even if not elected. But I also think this is a thin line: challenging authoritarian laws has to be done. But how does it differ from challenging non-authoritarian laws?

Taric Lallai (Developer Frontend) 
thinks about the line-up of The Bad Plus

I’m very curious about whether one of my favourite jazz groups, The Bad Plus, can keep its character by swapping the piano with a guitar and a saxophone. In September, we will find out when they plan to release their new album! I want to share a very old song with the three founding members: The six-handed pianist Ethan Iverson, the drummer Dave King who can sound like a four-year-old with too much energy and a virtuoso at the same time, and the bass-player Reid Anderson, glueing it all together. 

Marie-Claire Gagnon (Chief Copy) 
recommends a new print magazine

In February, the first period. print magazine was published, and it deals with topics like sustainability, equality, science and innovation. I really enjoyed the diversity of topics. For the cover story, Isabella-Anja Khom spoke with three researchers about the relationship between science and the media and why it is important how scientific findings are communicated. Also: I'm absolutely here for their use of QR-codes in print!

Sameh Sahin (Developer Knowledge)
on a movie he was amazed by 

I recently saw the award-winning Egyptian movie Iskanderija... lih? (Alexandria, Why?, 1979), directed by the genius Youssef Chahine. The film takes place in the Egyptian City of Alexandria during WW II when Rommel’s Nazi tanks approached Alexandria when Egypt was occupied by the British. I was amazed by it mainly because of the director’s unique style and artistic metaphors and how diverse and mixed the society was at that time. Iskanderija... lih? is the first part of Chahine’s autobiographical trilogy about Alexandria, and I can’t wait to watch the other two!

Yves-Michele Saß (Director Art + Knowledge) 
on brains and ads

The claim of the research by Mauro Manassi and David Whitney is that everything we see is a mash-up of the brain’s last 15 seconds of visual information. I wonder if this correlates to the infamous 15-second long Instagram stories and overall preferable length for advertising on social media.

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