Introduction in Generative AI for creatives and agencies October 11

3.00 PM, online
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Generative AI has become a buzzword in recent times, with many experts touting it as the next big thing. 

However, the potential for automation and creativity for advertising and marketing is often underestimated.


Keeping up with the latest developments and debates in this field can be time-consuming and challenging. 
It can also be difficult to envision how generative AI can be applied in creative work.


Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize various aspects of creative work, including communication, curation, brainstorming, writing, and more. It can provide users with powerful tools to generate images, write, and support them in their creative endeavors.


To help you understand the basics of generative AI, treat now offers an introductory webinar. During the webinar, our CEO, Istvan Szilagyi, will walk you through the general principles of the technology and provide hands-on guidance on using it in real-life cases.


The session will cover the fundamental principles of generative AI, as well as an overview of three essential tools: 


—    ChatGPT

—    Midjourney

—    DALL E

—   Stable diffusion

—   TextFx


These tools will be demonstrated in the context of everyday creative work.


—    Introduction to each tool and general working principles

—    How to prep your platform to get the best for your use case

—    Hands-on with ChatGPT and exmpales

—    Hands-on with Midjourney and exmpales

—    Hands-on with Dall E and exmpales

—    Hands-on with Stable Diffusion and examples

—    Tipps and tricks on photorealistic image generation, outpaint and image manipulation

—    How to best integrate generative AI in research and brainstorming


Duration: 60 Minutes including Q&A
Costs: € 49,- per person
Language: The webinar can be held in English or German
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If you are interested in scheduling the webinar for your company/team or prefer alternative dates, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Target group

This online seminar is crafted specifically for marketing teams grappling with creating engaging content for social media, producing promotional material, or scripting compelling text for their exhibits, booklets, websites, and more. This event also extends an invitation to writers and curators eager to explore the potential of AI as a creative tool, as well as professionals across various creative disciplines seeking inspiration or a collaborative counterpart for idea generation and content development.

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About Istvan

Since 2012, Istvan has been meticulously shaping his digital agency, "treat", with a keen emphasis on cutting-edge technology. The agency primarily caters to patrons within the art realm—galleries, museums, festivals, and the like—as well as clients with intricate subjects and campaigns. Having been an early adopter of AI in the agency's creative workflow, Istvan is now deeply invested in assisting his clients with proper tool integration. He firmly believes in this integration as a progressive pathway to achieve superior results in communication endeavors.