Exhibitionary is back!

We at treat.agency are delighted to unveil the renaissance of exhibitionary, our distinguished platform designed to guide you through local art worlds. 

We will be launching with Venice for the start of  the Venice Biennale. This moment marks not just a return but a transformation for us, to build on the rich platform of exhibitionary in the future.


With our platform, you have the keys to explore, discover, and immerse yourself in a rich array of art exhibitions, from the mainstream to the hidden gems.

Already in Venice, we start with an expansive catalog of venues not just at the Biennale but also around.


One of the cornerstone features of our revamped platform is the ability to curate your own selection of picks — and also to publish your selection. 

This personalized approach allows you to tailor your art exploration to your unique tastes and preferences. Furthermore, the functionality to follow esteemed art world professionals (or anybody who chooses to publish their selection) introduces a new dimension to your art discovery process. 


As we celebrate this launch, we are also excited to announce that our journey will expand beyond Venice. In the coming months, Paris, Zürich & Basel, and more will join our roster, each city unveiling its own distinct art narrative through our platform.


This revival of exhibitionary is a testament to treat.agency's commitment to blending technological innovation with the art world. We strive to offer an experience that not only navigates but enriches your engagement with art.


We invite you to revisit exhibitionary and follow us on this journey of building a powerful platform for discovering art around you, starting in Venice — crafted with precision, passion, and a deep appreciation by treat.agency.