treat(s) of the month: March

A freshly baked collection of ✨whatever✨ we found inspirational, meaningful, or simply interesting this month.

Istvan Szilagyi (CEO) 

was surprised by the title of the new fair in Paris


Paris plus comma par Art Basel - what a crazy branding! Maybe it was purposefully conceived to be so complicated to make sure nobody will use it - as speculated in the Financial Times - so everybody will say Art Basel Paris anyways? I’m already looking forward to their new social media and website branding! 

I can also recommend having a look at the annual online global art market analysis that was recently published by Art Basel. In it, they note that the online market continued to expand. Top-tier auction houses continued to introduce new formats and invested substantially in the quality and delivery of live-streamed and online-only auction platforms – the former producing some of the most successful live sales of the year – enabling a more continuous, year-round schedule rather than the traditional seasonal cycle of sales.

Matthias Moser (Chief Design/UX)

was laughing about inspirational quotes


The InspiroBot is an artificial intelligence dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence, and I think it's hilarious!

Marie-Claire Gagnon (Chief Copy) 

got addicted to a game


Wordle is an online game where players get six chances to guess a five-letter word. In a few months, the word game has gone from dozens of players to millions. It was created by a software engineer in Brooklyn for his partner but was acquired by The New York Times earlier this year. What's so charming and addictive is that there's just one new riddle per day. But if I'm being honest, I started playing through the archive, and it's become a bit of a problem.


Julian Present (Chief Video/UX)

finished his master’s in communication design


Finishing my master’s program was definitely my treat of the month - if not of the year! In the thesis, I focused on two contrasting approaches as to how we design; through analysis of movements and countermovements, I was seeking to discover the origins of minimalism. By researching the literature of philosophy, the arts, design history, and experts’ opinions in this field, I aimed to understand the motives and possibilities behind removing (or indeed, adding) objects from our life and features from our designs. It was a very tough experience dealing with the workload of working full time at a fast-paced agency whilst writing a scientific thesis. Since the thesis deals with the dose of everything in life and design and therefore asks the questions „how much is too much“ or „how little is too little“, the experience of writing it was a perfect match to its topic!



Yves-Michele Saß (Director Art + Knowledge) 

read an article on the video essay’s golden era


Hour-long YouTube videos are thriving in the TikTok era. Their popularity reflects our desire for more nuanced content online. I think this is a fascinating digital trend and counterargument to the fear of shortening attention spans.