treat(s) of the month: July

A freshly baked collection of ✨whatever✨ we found inspirational, meaningful, or simply interesting this month.

Istvan Szilagyi (CEO) 
followed the latest Instagram criticism developments

Just recently announced by Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, they stopped experimenting with the TikTok-like 9:16 feed layout. While I see that video is the new content king, I am happy about this move and that they acknowledge the criticism all over the internet. Another interesting perspective is this commentary in the New Yorker, pointing out that they are trying to compete with TikTok, which is seeing itself as an entertainment platform, not a social network: TikTok and the Fall of the Social-Media Giants.

Lena Dragoljić (Intern) 
attended a reading on the water

This month, I went to the Danube and had a „Bademoment“: A creative writing and poetry reading organised by DATEXTE. 
Equipped with swimming rings, the audience floated around the readers who recited their pieces from an inflatable boat! It was definitely a unique and fun experience! 😊
If, like me, you enjoy creative writing and/or are generally looking for new and out of the box events, make sure to follow DATEXTE on Instagram and join their next reading in September, be it as a participant or audience member.

Matthias Moser (Chief Design/UX)
visited ImPulsTanz

ImPulsTanz festival season is probably my favourite season in Vienna as far as culture is concerned. Every summer Vienna gets swarmed by performers from all over the world showcasing their talent. Since the time of year generally tends to be less stressful, it is perfect to see some shows, be inspired and - afterwards - share your experience, Weißer Spritzer in hand on a warm summer night in the city. Through ImPulsTanz, I have come across so many amazing performers, local as well as international, up-and-coming as well as established, and it has provided me with some of my most cherished theatre-/performance-experiences over the years. This year, I have already seen „Scattered Memories” by Ultima Vez (the company of modern dance legend Wim Vandekeybus), a retrospective of sorts, which I can recommend. Next is „The Köln Concert” by Trajan Harrell/Schauspielhaus Zürich Dance Ensemble, which I am excited about since it features two of my favourites - dancer/performer Thibault Lac and music by Joni Mitchell.

Marie-Claire Gagnon (Chief Copy) 
enjoyed the Viennese public baths

Every summer, thousands of people throng to the water to cool off and enjoy the season. I used to be more of a “random-spot-at-the-donau-kind-of-person” but this July, I discovered the public swimming pools of Vienna. There are so many locations I didn’t know about, the entry is super affordable, it’s clean, absolutely gorgeous, and the fries are delicious! 

Yves-Michele Saß (Director Art + Knowledge) 
was prepping for a trip 

I look forward to reading "The Road to Eleusis" by R. Gordon Wasson, Albert Hofmann and Carl A. P. Ruck on my trip to Greece. Apparently, the origins of greek philosophy are heavily influenced by psychedelic experiences (Eleusian Mysteries), and this book has been on my reading list for a long time.