AI at Art Basel — and Our New Webinars

Finally, tech conferences like SXSW and Art Basel found a common topic: (generative) AI!


This latest technology, which we have been using and reporting on for a while, dominated the discussions around the fair, including a conversation panel also to be found here.


Personally, my impression of the fair, however, was a lack of meaningful AI-based artworks.Of course, this might be because I tend to be overwhelmed by Art Basel and the amount of work one has to see – in the course of just a couple of days – in general.


Also, most of the conversation tends to anthropomorphize the generative algorithms extremely – which I think is still something that represents the freshness of the topic on a large scale: the fact that these machines are not actual human beings still needs to trickle down and soak in. I think Suzanne Treister’s comparism to when she started using a computer in the linked discussion is the most describing: back then, people already credited the computer even though nowadays it is clear, the computer is only the tool.


Also, during these conversations, but already before, we have been asked a couple of times to share our knowledge about generative AI and its usage specifically in our area – digital marketing, strategy, and asset creation – so we developed a little series of webinars, and anybody is invited to attend! Part of our webinars is also to help understand the technology's limitations and behind-the-scenes, but also a very pragmatic introduction and use cases on how to get the best out of your personal or professional usage from generating social media copy to strategy papers and various images. If you are interested, visit our website to see more details and available schedule:

I would be happy to hear and read your own views on the topic or your personal examples of hot generative artworks.


In our upcoming newsletter, we will present some specific use cases of AI we are currently working on so stay tuned and follow us.


 See you around,