Hi again



It’s me, Istvan from treat.agency. You probably didn’t notice, but we went silent for a while.


Since our last version of this newsletter, we've been hustling behind the scenes to sort some things out and craft new strategies for new futures. We also came up with some new products, logos and are blessed with new clients.


Now, we can't wait to share these updates with you and reconnect with you all.


Here is what you can expect coming up:


We are returning to the roots and in irregular intervals will focus on technology in the art world and creative industries. We will be discussing relevant trends and topics from the perspective of our agency and on the experiences we collect.


To enrich the newsletter, we will be adding various other voices as collaborators to comment.


Here is a little outlook on what to expect:


Next time we will discuss how chatGPT might change and is already transforming our agency workflows.


After that I will discuss with Laura Wurth on how generative AI will make white collar artists the new precarious workers.


Keep on exploring with us!