Istvan — on Generative AI

Since I also kicked off a webinar about it, this week I wanted to write about how ChatGPT is radically transforming the creative industries and our agency.


ChatGPT is a hot topic and everybody is talking about it, but so far I have heard mostly about the discussion from the perspective of authorship, academia and journalism.


If you haven’t heard about the horrible mistakes publishers make while using AI generated text, check out the controversy around CNET and their automated clickbait articles. (The clue is that Chat cant calculate and nobody fact-checked its explanatory articles about certain interest rates).


As for us as an agency, my prediction for the future is less grim then most people tend to talk (I believe every breakthrough technology was seen by a huge amount of people like as destroying their jobs/lives).


That is, because, I think, used right and well this tool is mostly enabling us to be more creative then to take off tasks completely and it also accelerates the creative process massively.


As I mentioned, I am offering a short webinar introduction on how to use the tool – it already has had a great impact on our agency. We ask it for text variations, summaries and it serves as an extremely intelligent sparring partner, if you keep its limitations in mind. It is specifically handy for brainstorming and for writing social media copy variations, things I love to show around.


I believe – and here comes the prediction – that within the next two years, instead of simply writing texts in Word, we will ask it to give us an outline about a topic, fill it up and interact with ongoing suggestions based on our styling wishes and the wishes for outcome. This will radically change the writing world and applied intelligently this is a tool of massive enhancements. Just imagine the possibilities of creating text read automatically context sensitively, or optimized for accessibility – a huge leap for inclusion.


If you work in the art world, or in the creative industries, I suggest you jump on the chat wagon quickly, it will pay off. If you want to learn more in a hands-on session subscribe to the webinar here.


Thanks for reading.


In the next newsletter I will explore with Laura Wurth the questions about generative art and who’s work it will be replacing.