Where Do We Stand With AI

In the whirlwind of technological progress, AI has evolved from a wild frontier to a more domesticated companion in our digital ecosystem.

Over the past year, the initial hype surrounding AI has settled into a steady incorporation into various applications, albeit with a tilt toward corporate sensibilities. In today's newsletter, I'd like to give a brief update on the spectre of AI and its mundane reality as another tool in our agency's workflow.


The once untamed potential of AI now navigates a landscape marked by censorship and limitations, occasionally stumbling into simplicity.


But while the current solutions seem a bit muted or “dumbed down”, the anticipation for a transformative "boom" persists, with startups like perplexity.ai joining the fray, signalling that we're merely scratching the surface of what's possible.


At treat, our journey with AI has been both experimental and purposeful, especially as we cater to clients who demand sophisticated solutions for navigating complex data.

Our foray into AI has been driven by the need for intelligent, meaningful search capabilities within vast archives and the ability to transcend language barriers swiftly.


One of our first applications is for a current online exhibition at the Secession (https://slime.secession.at), where an AI assistant not only crafts preview texts for artworks but also comprehensively answers questions about the project (and we made sure: only about that).


Our collaboration with the Wien Museum further exemplifies our commitment to enhancing visitor experiences through AI. By developing a "guided" AI interface, we ensure that information about the museum and activities for the day or weekend is accessible in any language, and tailored to the preferences of our diverse audience. This approach underscores our belief in the potential of AI to enrich cultural engagement and accessibility.


Looking ahead, we're excited to integrate AI into our upcoming guide app, a venture that promises to redefine the experience of urban gallery exhibitions.


Our ambition extends to establishing a robust AI framework capable of delivering quick, accurate information from archives, a challenge we're eager to tackle.


As we navigate the evolving landscape of AI, our focus remains on harnessing its potential to create solutions that are not only innovative but also meaningful and accessible to our clients.


The journey is far from over! If you are interested in an AI experiment with us, don't hesitate to get in touch – or learn more about our future projects right here.