Websummit — AI Experiments


I recently returned from the Websummit, an experience that was both enlightening and thought-provoking. While the event is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and for discussing the latest trends, I found myself reflecting on the nature of innovation and our role as a creative agency in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.


At the summit, there was an overwhelming focus on positive advancements, particularly in AI. However, I couldn't help but notice a certain uniformity in discussions, with many conversations barely scratching the surface of the technical potential of these technologies. This observation has reinforced my belief to carve our own path for internal innovation at treat.


Our commitment to experimentation and pushing the boundaries of digital storytelling has made us unique and is an asset we are building on. It's not just about jumping on the latest trend. It's about deeply understanding and leveraging technology to create meaningful and impactful experiences.


So in line with this, we're embarking on some exciting experiments with the new API options for ChatGPT. One of our first projects involves analyzing data from the WIEN MUSEUM, for whom we recently launched a new website. Our goal is to develop a customized GPT tool that will enhance the museum's digital presence and offer a unique, interactive experience for its visitors.


This project is just the beginning of our journey into the realm of advanced AI applications. We believe that these tools will not only augment our creative capabilities but also open up new avenues for storytelling and audience engagement.


I am inquisitive about where our experiments are going to lead us – and if you are keen on starting your own journey with us, don’t hesitate to reach out!