Gliding into 2024

As the holiday season ends and we say hi to another year, it's time for reflection, gratitude, and anticipation. At we've had a remarkable 2023, filled with exciting projects, breakthroughs, and collaborations. We want to take this moment to share some of our achievements with you.


A Year in Projects

This year, we've had the privilege of launching several impactful websites and bring brands to life. Each project with its unique flair and purpose. Our most significant project was for the WIEN MUSEUM (, a testament to our team's commitment. Additionally, we've crafted digital experiences for diverse clients, including:

Leopold Fine Arts ( A platform and a future webshop for showcasing the foundation’s art collection.


BOLD Community ( A vibrant space for community engagement and empowerment.


M&G ( Relaunching the website for these Austrian designers and builders.


Innovation Map: Making the technologies of the future understandable for the Austrian economy with our illustrations, posters and interactive installations.


Curated by ( our third successful season in organising and expanding Austria’s biggest gallery festival.


Secession ( Supporting the oldest artist-run exhibition space with our solutions for their website and archive.

Captivating Video Productions

Our creative horizons extended beyond web development. We produced a series of engaging videos for prestigious clients like HEAD, WKO, Curated by, and Gallery Jahn und Jahn. Each project allowed us to explore different ways of storytelling and visual narratives.


Venturing into AI

In the latter part of the year, we delved into the realm of AI. This exploration has opened up new possibilities for creativity and innovation. We are super excited to bring AI supported search to the WIEN MUSEUM soon and then to expand our scope of AI projects to our other clients.


As we step into the new year, we're filled with enthusiasm for the opportunities and challenges it will bring. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of digital creativity and delivering exceptional experiences to our clients. Recently we also started on the re-birth of Exhibitionary a gallery guide to be published later this year.


We also want to take the time to thank you for being part of our 2023 journey. Here's to continued collaboration, innovation, and success in 2024!