treat(s) of the month: June

A freshly baked collection of ✨whatever✨ we found inspirational, meaningful, or simply interesting this month.

Istvan Szilagyi (CEO) 
visited the documenta fifteen

This year’s documenta is full of contradictions, and so is their digital program: on you can find a collection of “harvests”: recordings of meetings, calls, etc., which is very interesting in the sense that an effort for transparency has been made. But what does it help if there is no overview or almost no possibility to search this massive data dump? This turns the entire thing into the opposite of what it is supposed to be: it is intransparent and confusing.

Taric Lallai (Developer Frontend)
watched some ugly dogs

I stumbled upon this absurd competition for the ugliest dogs.
The line between funny and sad is very thin, but I admit that I couldn't resist laughing.

Marie-Claire Gagnon (Chief Copy)
got a new haircut

ROSA KARL is a hair and beauty studio in Vienna, and as an addition to their salon in Alsergrund, they just opened a new space in the second district! ROSA KARL #2 was created in collaboration with LLOTLOV  design studio Berlin and architect Lukas Galehr, and it’s absolutely stunning. And the haircuts are the best!

Yves-Michele Saß (Director Art + Knowledge) 
laughed with Helge Schneider 

One day, my girlfriend started to constantly say: “Richtig, richtig, popichtig”. And after the 10th time finally revealed the reference to me. I think this song is an instant classic and highlights the beauty of the German language.